shawn grocott


hello! bonjour! hola! ciao! 

My name is Shawn Grocott, i’m a professional trombonist living in detmold, germany. after a good year on the road with my family, travelling through Switzerland, France, Spain and Portugal, i’m now back home, focusing musically in the direction of jazz and improvised music.

taking the leap, seeking inspiration & new collaborators

There are many people who have taken the step to go out on the road, to leave their daily routines, to discover something new about themselves and the world around them. 
Such people have always interested me and i‘m now very happy and satisfied to have taken this step myself, bringing a new sense of artistic strength into my life. now, back at home, i’m striking out on new musical paths with new musical friends.
sound like fun? let me know! 
maybe we can work together??