Daily Inspiration

Discovering Improvisation is my channel on the Telegram platform. That‘s where I post inspirational material (videos, reflections, news about upcoming courses, etc.) regarding music-making, improvisation and my travels.

My other channel, Just Great Music, is intended to be a source for inspiration, showcasing great musical performances for you to enjoy and share. There is so much great music out there to inspire us!

Concert in the Dark

Back in 2010 I initiated a project with the ensemble, „WorldBrass“ which I called Concert in the Dark. The idea was to provide a concert experience that provided listeners with the opportunity to listen more closely to the music being played, without being distracted by what they saw. I have repeated this concert format many times over the years and am looking forward to new up-coming projects.

Watch the video!

Online Trombone Courses

After many years of studying and performing classical and jazz music and now more intensively exploring my own creative potential, I feel confident that I can help you with whatever musical needs you may have. Contact me for a free consultation!

Online Improvisation Courses

Experience what it’s like to discover the composer inside of you! It’s fun, it’s easy and with a little help, you can definitely do this. Let me help you!

*new* Ensemble Coaching

After years of playing in and leading some great ensembles, I would love to help you get the most out of your ensemble rehearsals. Contact me for consultation!