Concert in the Dark

Back in 2010 I initiated a project with the ensemble, „WorldBrass“ which I called Concert in the Dark. The idea was to provide a concert experience that provided listeners with the opportunity to listen more closely to the music being played, without being distracted by what they saw. 
2017/2018 saw this project supported by the Kunststiftung NRW with performances of different ensembles in 9 different cities in NRW.

I’m very much looking forward to my upcoming project at the  Internationale Händel Festspiele in Göttingen on the 27th of May.

Here‘s a  video of one of the first productions!

Burg Sternberg course

Together with Vincent Lévesque, i presented a course on improvisation this past fall at Burg Sternberg which was very enjoyable and i’m very much looking forward to future endeavors. check hier for infos on upcoming events. 

Daily Inspiration

Discovering Improvisation is one of two channels I curate on the Telegram platform. That‘s where I post inspirational material (videos, reflections, news about upcoming courses, etc.) regarding music-making, improvisation and my travels.

My other channel, Just Great Music, is intended to be a source for inspiration, showcasing great musical performances for you to enjoy and share. There is so much great music out there to inspire us!